German Life and Civilization

ISSN: 0899-9899

German Life and Civilization contributes to a critical understanding of Central European cultural history from medieval times to the present. Culture is here defined in the broadest sense, comprising expressions and representations in literature, music, performative and pictorial arts, and media, as well as political and sociohistorical developments in the texture of everyday life. Building on its strengths in GDR scholarship and political literature, the series also seeks to explore newer thematic trends such as human entanglements with the environment and natural world, and transnational and minority communities. The series aims to foster progressive and inclusive scholarship that aspires to a synthetic view of culture by crossing traditional disciplinary boundaries. Manuscripts in both English and German are subject to a robust external peer review process.
Series Editor: Kristopher Imbrigotta (University of Puget Sound)
Series founder: Jost Hermand (University of Wisconsin)
Advisory Board: Stephen Brockmann (Carnegie Mellon), Jason Groves (University of Washington), Brigitte Jirku (University of Valencia), Teresa Kovacs (Indiana University), Anke Pinkert (University of Illinois), Caroline Rupprecht (City University of New York), Marc Silberman (University of Wisconsin), Didem Uca (Emory University)