International Studies in Folklore and Ethnology

Editors: Anne O'Connor
ISSN: 1662-0615

This series seeks to contribute to the current vibrant multidisciplinary academic debate regarding folklore and ethnology. The definition of both folklore and ethnology is a constant challenge, and the history of the development of the disciplines differs from one country to another. Folklore is at once dynamic process, shared communication and performance, and ethnology embraces context and folklife. So while these research areas continue to experience dramatic transformation, in terms of methodology, theoretical approaches as well as practical engagement with people and cultures, this series focuses on the evolving study of traditional and popular cultures, in all contexts and across all geographies of time and space. As folklore and ethnology reach across boundaries and become manifest in (new) cultural contexts through the enabling power of global communications and re-imaginings, this series therefore provides an international forum for continuing debate.
Through a mixture of edited collections and single-author monographs, this series aims to re-evaluate contemporary critical thought as well as exploring new directions and theories, thus making a significant contribution to these disciplines which are fundamental to our understanding of contemporary culture and identity.