Middle and Early Modern English Texts

ISSN: 2235-0136

This series is conceived to facilitate the edition of unpublished scientific treatises written in Late Middle English (late 13th century to the very early 16th century) as well as the publication of monographs dealing with their transmission, palaeographical and dialectal features, and/or their lexical, syntactic and pragmatic characteristics. The second aspect of the series seeks to favour studies specializing in linguistic variation or any of the multi-faceted aspects of the Middle English language even from a diachronic perspective.
The Late Middle English Texts series is directed towards a wide scholarly readership that includes Textual Edition, Textual Criticism and Transmission – especially on electronic and digital formats both as standalone and online –, Ecdotics, History of Science, History of the English Language and Linguistics, Late Medieval Studies, History of Cultural Artifacts and Librarianship. The chronological scope we contemplate will range approximately from the mid 1200's to the early 1500's, and will include both manuscripts, incunabula and early prints that have come down to us in English, with the occasional excursion into analogues in other languages. Editions will include codicological and language studies that will enhance the relevance of the text within the cultural transmission European framework.
The series includes both scholarly and academic editions and monograph studies with a specialised and comprehensive focus. Thematic and teaching textual anthologies will also be considered for the series. We do not aim primarily at publishing collected papers from conferences, symposia, meetings and other scholarly reunions, unless the occasion had a very relevant topic and was strongly coherent and specialised in its discussions.
Each publication is subject to a rigorous blind double peer-review system that involves at least five readers from five different institutions (Universities or Research Institutes).