Medical Humanities: Criticism and Creativity

ISSN: 2504-5229

This series showcases innovative research, creativity and pedagogy in the interdisciplinary field of medical humanities. Books in the series explore the complexities of human bodies, minds, illness and wellbeing through analytical frameworks derived from humanistic disciplines and clinical practice. The series publishes a range of materials, including monographs and edited collections on scholarly approaches to medical issues in culture; creative works (accompanied by analytical and educational materials) that engage with medical humanities themes; and critical, engaged or radical pedagogies on focused topics for learners in the medical and health humanities. 
Medical Humanities: Criticism and Creativity is intended to provide an informative exchange across disciplines, encouraging theoretical and personal reflections on the condition of the human mind/body and contributing to debates on health-related issues from a broad range of perspectives. The series also invites research that opens up critical conversations on being human at the intersection of other forms of humanistic knowledge, such as environmental and digital humanities. We are especially interested in collaborations between academics in the humanities and healthcare professionals.
All book proposals and manuscripts undergo rigorous peer review prior to acceptance and publication.
Editorial Board: Havi Carel (University of Bristol), Gretchen Case (University of Utah School of Medicine), Siobhan Conaty (La Salle University), Cheryl Dellasega (Penn State College of Medicine), Daniel George (Penn State College of Medicine), Michael Green (Penn State College of Medicine), Jennifer Henneman (Denver Art Museum), Brian Hurwitz (King’s College London), Brian Johnsrud (Adobe Education), Tess Jones (University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus), Lois Leveen (novelist and independent scholar), Ulrika Maude (University of Bristol), Jules Odendahl-James (Duke University), Molly Osborne (Oregon Health and Science University), Barry Saunders (University of North Carolina School of Medicine), Johanna Shapiro (University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine), Marina Tsaplina (The Betes Organization), Craigan Usher (Oregon Health and Science University), Neil Vickers (King’s College London), Martin Willis (Cardiff University), Charlotte Wu (Boston University School of Medicine)