Masterworks in the Western Tradition

ISSN: 1086-539X


  • Title: Montaigne’s Essais

    Montaigne’s Essais

    Volume 11
    by Wendell John, Jr. Coats (Author)
    ©2004 Textbook 125 Pages
  • Title: Aristotle’s Virtues

    Aristotle’s Virtues

    Nature, Knowledge, and Human Good
    Volume 10
    by Jonathan A. Jacobs (Author)
    ©2004 Textbook 214 Pages
  • Title: Martin Heidegger’s «Being and Time»

    Martin Heidegger’s «Being and Time»

    Volume 9
    by Richard M. McDonough (Author)
    ©2006 Textbook 230 Pages
  • Title: God, Man, and Well-Being

    God, Man, and Well-Being

    Spinoza’s Modern Humanism
    Volume 8
    by Douglas Den Uyl (Author)
    ©2008 Textbook 145 Pages
  • Title: Harmonizing Sentiments

    Harmonizing Sentiments

    The Declaration of Independence and the Jeffersonian Idea of Self-Government
    Volume 4
    by Hans L. Eicholz (Author)
    ©2001 Textbook 246 Pages
  • Title: The Federalist Papers

    The Federalist Papers

    A Commentary- «The Baton Rouge Lectures»
    Volume 3
    by William B. Allen (Author) Kevin A. Cloonan (Author)
    ©2004 Textbook 429 Pages