Plants and Animals

Interdisciplinary Approaches

Plants and Animals: Interdisciplinary Approaches aims to publish scholarly work that addresses common challenges across the fields of plant and animal studies from interdisciplinary perspectives. The series welcomes monographs and edited collections that focus and reflect upon interactions of plants, animals, and humans in innovative ways. At a time of large-scale anthropogenic species extinction, there is a pressing need to promote scholarship that can help us envision more equitable and harmonious forms of coexistence on the planet. The series therefore encourages submissions explicitly geared to build bridges not only between plant and animal studies, but also leading-edge research on other forms of life or ways of being, including fungi, lichens, algae and other microorganisms, as well as scholarship on fantasy creatures, cryptids, semi-living beings, and even non-living forms of existence. The goal is to abolish an artificially compartmentalized view of the world in order to add to the ways of knowing that are beginning to grow through the interconnections between these related fields of study. Grounded in the humanities, Plants and Animals welcomes trans-disciplinary perspectives that engage with scholarship in the social sciences and in the natural sciences.
Editorial Board: Giovanni Aloi (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), Helga Braunbeck (North Carolina State University), Danielle Celermajer (University of Sydney), Monica Gagliano (Southern Cross University), Joela Jacobs (University of Arizona), Daniel Heath Justice (University of British Columbia), John Miller (University of Sheffield), Stephanie Posthumus (McGill University), Parama Roy (University of California, Davis), Karen Syse Lykke (University of Oslo), Oscar de la Torre (UNC Charlotte).