Phenomenology and Literature

Editors: Hans H. Rudnick
ISSN: 1524-0193

The focus of this series is on studies using the tenets of phenomenology and its various (dogmatic and skeptical) evolutions to elucidate and interpret primarily literary works of art in the contexts of aesthetics, ontology, epistemology, axiology, hermeneutics, communication, reader response, reception, cultural and social theory. Studies of a comparative nature which straddle and/or combine the disciplines of philosophical and literary studies are distinctive features of this monograph series. Emphasis is on subjects that may advance the state of the art, set trends, generate and continue discussion, expand horizons beyond present perspectives, and/or redefine previously held notions. Approaches may center on individual works, authors, schools of phenomelogical thought, and/or abstract notions, including issues of a comparative nature spanning the cultures, languages, and literatures of several nations from the perspectives of world literature and philosophy.