Russian Transformations: Literature, Culture and Ideas

Editors: Andrew Kahn
ISSN: 1662-2545

Russian Transformations publishes studies across the entire extent of Russian literature, thought and culture from the medieval period to the present. The series gives special emphasis to the kinds of transformation that characterise Russian, Soviet and post-Soviet writing. Transformation has often been under the stimulus of (and resistance to) foreign traditions. Acts of cross-cultural and cross-literary reception mark Russia's sense of creative development and national identity. Transformation has often been the result of the on-going dialogues between writers working within the Russian literary tradition through polemic and subtle use of intertextuality. Similarly, the stunning political and social changes that have been characteristic of Russian history generated radical transformation in the institutions of literature and in forms of literature from Modernism to post-Perestroika as writers react to official policy on freedom of expression.