Speech Production and Perception

ISSN: 2191-8651

Speech production is a complex sensorimotor task that requires the coordination of numerous physically complex and very different biological systems. Furthermore, it is a sophisticated cognitive task that transmits information between speakers and listeners. Speech perception uses multi-modal information combining visible articulatory movements and audible acoustic properties in an adaptive way.
Understanding the cognitive, motor and sensory mechanisms that underlie speech production and perception is a fascinating objective that requires interdisciplinary competences in various research areas such as linguistics, perception, psychology, cognition, neuroscience, motor control, biology, aerodynamics, acoustics, and biomechanics.
The aim of this book series is to investigate the various mechanisms underlying speech production and perception. Each issue of this series will be devoted to a specific topic. This topic will be addressed from different, sometimes even controversial perspectives. Tutorials, up-to-date scientific papers, methodological reports and outstanding dissertations will be at the core of the series. The intended readers are graduate students and scientists from various research disciplines interested in speech production and perception.
Scholars are welcome to submit suitable works to the editors. All articles in edited volumes undergo a double-blind peer review. All dissertations undergo a close reading by the series editors and authors will be invited to revise where required.