Stage and Screen Studies

Editors: Kenneth Richards
ISSN: 1660-2560

This series of monographs is concerned with drama and allied entertainment in
a wide variety of kinds in the theatre and on film, television and video screens.
The emphasis is on the history and interpretation of dramatic entertainment,
performance and production in regular and musical theatre, including music hall
and variety stages, in para-theatrical activities, like fairground performance and
festivals, and in the silent and sound cinema and on television and video.
The series engages particularly with the social, political and economic contexts
of drama on past and present stages and screens, considering the work of
dramatists, performers, directors, designers, technicians and administrators,
and will aim to be very wide-ranging in scope, its subjects spanning Classical,
Medieval and Renaissance European drama and theatre, Eastern theatre forms,
and international modern drama in its various performance kinds. Within this
broad remit, the series hopes to publish historical, critical and theoretical studies,
annotated anthologies of critical, theoretical and dramatic texts, and collections
of interviews and screenplays.