Urban Communication

Editors: Gary Gumpert
ISSN: 2153-1404

Cities are inherently places of communication, meeting spaces for interaction and/or observation. The nature of any communication venue is altered by social and technological circumstances and the urban environment is altered, in turn, by changes in communication patterns. We need to understand relationships among these significant forces – communication, technology, and the urban, suburban, rural environment – as they shape each other. Communication systems and urban social systems can be examined at multiple levels as scholars and planners examine interaction in public spaces, neighborhood communication patterns, and urban systems of transport.
The focus of this series is on social relationships in a swiftly changing communication environment. Media coverage of urban issues, conflict resolution and contested urban space, visual communication, rhetorical dimensions of urban life, film and the city, journalism, the ethnic press, local media and public policy are just some areas of relevance. Volumes in this series provide a forum to explore and discuss the challenges created by the intersection of communication and urban life, focusing on what communication scholarship has to offer for enhanced understanding of cities and for the development of a public policy that takes into account communication needs and practices.


  • Title: Art and the Global City

    Art and the Global City

    Public Space, Transformative Media, and the Politics of Urban Rhetoric
    Volume 8
    by James T. Andrews (Volume editor) Margaret R. LaWare (Volume editor) 2022
    ©2022 Textbook 342 Pages
  • Title: Urban Communication Reader IV

    Urban Communication Reader IV

    Cities as Communicative Change Agents
    Volume 7
    by erin daina mcclellan (Volume editor) Yongjun Shin (Volume editor) Curry Chandler (Volume editor) 2021
    ©2021 Textbook 338 Pages
  • Title: The Communication Ecology of 21st Century Urban Communities

    The Communication Ecology of 21st Century Urban Communities

    Volume 6
    by Yong-Chan Kim (Volume editor) Matthew D. Matsaganis (Volume editor) Holley A. Wilkin (Volume editor) Joo-Young Jung (Volume editor) 2018
    ©2018 Textbook 262 Pages
  • Title: Urban Communication Regulation

    Urban Communication Regulation

    Communication Freedoms and Limits
    Volume 5
    by Harvey Jassem (Volume editor) Susan J. Drucker (Volume editor) 2018
    ©2018 Monographs 256 Pages
  • Title: Communicating the City

    Communicating the City

    Meanings, Practices, Interactions
    Volume 4
    by Giorgia Aiello (Volume editor) Matteo Tarantino (Volume editor) Kate Oakley (Volume editor) 2017
    ©2017 Textbook 216 Pages
  • Title: Communicative Cities in the 21st Century

    Communicative Cities in the 21st Century

    The Urban Communication Reader III
    Volume 3
    by Matthew D. Matsaganis (Volume editor) Victoria J. Gallagher (Volume editor) Susan J. Drucker (Volume editor) 2012
    ©2013 Textbook 255 Pages
  • Title: Communication and the Baseball Stadium

    Communication and the Baseball Stadium

    Community, Commodification, Fanship, and Memory
    Volume 2
    by Dale Herbeck (Volume editor) Susan J. Drucker (Volume editor) 2017
    ©2017 Textbook 288 Pages