Writing and Culture in the Long Nineteenth Century

The long nineteenth century, extending from the Napoleonic Wars to the First World War, was a time of enormous change and experimentation. This series aims to publish the work of scholars and critics alert to these changes in a variety of spheres, including literature, art, the sciences, philosophy, and economics. The editors have a special interest in work that addresses questions of aesthetics, poetics, and form at the intersection between the written word, the visual and decorative arts, architecture, and music. Many scholars are now working on the cultural matrix out of which these forms emerge and recent critical thinking has shown how important was the prevailing economic, political, scientific, and philosophical climate in creating the appropriate conditions for artistic production. Some volumes in the series focus on specific writers and texts, while others consider the connection between writing, art, philosophy, and science and the broader cultural horizon. All contribute significantly to the widening sphere of nineteenth-century literary studies.


  • Title: Picturing the Reader

    Picturing the Reader

    Reading and Representation in the Long Nineteenth Century
    Volume 11
    by Beth Palmer (Volume editor) Amelia Yeates (Volume editor) 2022
    ©2022 Edited Collection 270 Pages
  • Title: Rebellious Writing

    Rebellious Writing

    Contesting Marginalisation in Edwardian Britain
    Volume 10
    by Lauren Alex O’Hagan (Volume editor) 2020
    ©2020 Edited Collection 440 Pages
  • Title: The Crimean War in Victorian Poetry

    The Crimean War in Victorian Poetry

    Volume 9
    by Tai-Chun Ho (Author) 2021
    ©2021 Monographs 304 Pages
  • Title: Constance Naden

    Constance Naden

    Scientist, Philosopher, Poet
    Volume 8
    by Clare Stainthorp (Author) 2019
    ©2019 Monographs 298 Pages
  • Title: In Cynara’s Shadow

    In Cynara’s Shadow

    Collected Essays on Ernest Dowson
    Volume 7
    by Alice Condé (Volume editor) Jessica Gossling (Volume editor) 2019
    ©2019 Edited Collection 288 Pages
  • Title: Monstrous Fellowship

    Monstrous Fellowship

    ‘Pagan, Turk and Jew’ in English Popular Culture, 1780–1845
    Volume 6
    by Toni Wein (Author) 2018
    ©2018 Monographs 336 Pages
  • Title: Staging the Other in Nineteenth-Century British Drama

    Staging the Other in Nineteenth-Century British Drama

    Volume 5
    by Tiziana Morosetti (Volume editor) 2015
    ©2016 Edited Collection 272 Pages
  • Title: Wonderlands


    The Last Romances of William Morris
    Volume 4
    by Phillippa Bennett (Author) 2015
    ©2015 Monographs 230 Pages
  • Title: Poetry, Politics and Pictures

    Poetry, Politics and Pictures

    Culture and Identity in Europe, 1840–1914
    Volume 3
    by Ingrid Hanson (Volume editor) Jack Rhoden (Volume editor) Erin Snyder (Volume editor) 2013
    ©2013 Edited Collection 306 Pages
  • Title: Mrs Grundy’s Enemies

    Mrs Grundy’s Enemies

    Censorship, Realist Fiction and the Politics of Sexual Representation
    Volume 2
    by Anthony Patterson (Author) 2013
    ©2013 Monographs 236 Pages