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Privacy, Surveillance, and the New Media You


Edward Lee Lamoureux

Very little in the American way of life functions adequately under surveillance.  Democracy itself may be at mortal risk due to the loss of privacy and the increase in surveillance.

Examining challenges in a wide range of contexts, this book investigates and critically examines our systems of data management, including the ways that data are collected, exchanged, analyzed, and re-purposed.

The volume calls for re-establishing personal privacy as a societal norm and priority, requiring action on the part of everyone at personal, societal, business, and governmental levels. Because new media products and services are professionally designed and implemented to be frictionless and highly rewarding, change is difficult and solutions are not easy. This volume provides insight into challenges and recommended solutions.

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At the start, I will avoid using the word ‘apocalypse’ and the phrase ‘the end of civilization as we know it.’ However, I admit to membership in the Chicken Little and Paul Revere social clubs. The sky is falling and, although the British are not coming, we are under attack. People who research and write about privacy and surveillance run the risk of being labeled Luddites at best and perhaps fanatics or lunatics at worst. Even one, like myself, who attempts to address the subject in moderate and measured terms sometimes finds that the arguments they, or I, put forward appeal only to a segment of the audience that may well qualify for those pejoratives. I have given public presentations after which the reasonable people left quietly (only moderately convinced) and a few not-so-reasonable people approached me in paranoid fashion, wanting to discuss a wide range of topics and approaches that struck me as ‘way over the top.’

This is a very odd and momentous time in United States history. There are political, economic, and sociocultural battles across a wide swath of disciplines and activities. American-style capitalism is under siege by global forces that threaten to narrow every nation’s ability to grow its economy. American-style capitalism is based on potential and actual growth. Factors that appear to limit the potential for growth, or that actually constrain it, seem to be almost un-American. ← xi | xii →

Leadership by the United States in the development of technologies...

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