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Corporate Communication

Transformation of Strategy and Practice

Michael B. Goodman and Peter B. Hirsch

The forces of uncertainty, globalization, the networked enterprise, Web 2.0, privacy, "big data," and shifting demographics have dramatically transformed corporate communication strategy and practice. Now more than ever, it is more complex, strategic, and essential to the organization’s survival. Corporate Communication: Transformation of Strategy and Practice examines, analyzes, and illustrates the practice of corporate communication as it changes in response to increasing global changes. It builds on the authors’ 2010 Corporate Communication: Strategic Adaptation for Global Practice, as well as their 2015 Corporate Communication: Critical Business Asset for Strategic Global Change.

This book analyzes and illuminates the major communication needs in rapidly evolving organizations: the contemporary communication environment; the importance and impact of intangibles—corporate sustainability, identity, culture, valuation, crisis prevention; the transformation of the media environment; the transformation of the concept of decision-making; the importance of demographics and multigenerational audiences; and technical, geopolitical, economic, and socio-cultural uncertainty. These are significant forces that can potentially augment or diminish an organization’s value.

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Sources and Further Reading


In the list of books and articles are authors and ideas that have influenced and shaped the themes of this book. They demonstrate that corporate communication practiced as a strategic management process is both art and science. This combination of what Daniel Kahneman calls fast (reactive) and slow (contemplative) thinking creates a compelling and focused vision for what lies ahead—informed by the past, but applied to the future. Individuals and companies that sustain themselves think analytically and strategically. They have mastered the capability to adapt. They are able and often eager to change to meet new and unexpected challenges. They have sharpened the capacity to blaze a trail where none existed, and honed their vision of the future “to see around the corner.” They have developed the courage to scrap their current practices, when necessary, and begin again in a fresh, new direction.

The link to a lengthy descriptive list of web sites offers a rich platform of focused sources of information and knowledge that serve to nourish professional development and growth. The resources listed here provide the tools and raw materials for companies and individuals to create sustainable corporate communication practices.


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