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Barriers to Rebuilding the African American Community

Understanding the Issues Facing Today’s African Americans from a Social Work Perspective

Tywan Ajani

Barriers to Rebuilding the African American Community explores the major threats and roots affecting both America’s most racially polarized periods as well as the major issues plaguing the African American community. The author provides intelligent insight into the deeper roots of America’s long history and struggle with racism as well as the solution. The author shows how a background investigation of medical science, culture, and social policy can propel or subdue an entire people group, and examines research on A.C.E.S. (Adverse Childhood Experiences), which affects all communities regardless of race. This book is an exciting and well-researched exposeì into one of America’s most electrifying socio-political movements.

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8 I Can’t Believe They Said That!


8I Can’t Believe They Said That!

The number of racists slurs made publicly by politicians, public servants, and celebrities in the United States is not only inappropriate but has also risen tremendously in the past decade. They reveal the racial undertone and tension looming across the country. In many cases, well-known public figures often elude any type of serious punitive response to their offensive behavior all the while further deepening the country’s divide by their insensitive comments. Conduct a swift Internet search and you will find more details on these appalling comments from these leaders.

He Said What?

Senator Frank Artiles of Florida joined the bandwagon of politicians making racially insensitive and inappropriate comments. The senator was having drinks at the Governors’ Club in Tallahassee, Florida, with fellow Senators Audrey Gibson and Perry Thurston when he told the pair that Senate President Joe Negron had only risen to his position of power because “six niggas” in the Republican caucus elected him. Both Senators Gibson and Thurston are African American.

The senator has since resigned from his position and issued a formal apology. How sad that he not only thought it was appropriate to make such comments but ←75 | 76→was bold enough to use that highly offensive word in the company of two African Americans leaders. Prestigious, Ivy league professor Dr. John McWhorter, a linguist and author from Columbia University wrote in his book entitled, Talking Back, Talking Black, that the use...

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