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Sociology, Politics, and Human Nature

Rafael Yanushevsky

Written by an expert with more than 30 years of experience in system and control theories, Sociology, Politicians, and Human Nature presents a structural approach to macrosociological systems that describes pre cisely the dynamics of societal systems. The author provides an innovative presentation of the theoretical aspects of societal systems dynamics. This book enriches readers knowledge about human societies, their development and moving forces, and it enables readers to filter and better understand social media information.

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Sociology is the science of society, social institutions and social relationships. It studies the development, structure, interaction, and collective behavior of organized groups of human beings.

Macrosociology is the branch of sociology concerned with the study of human societies on a wide scale, at the level of social structure, considering them as large-scale social systems and analyzing the social processes and related changes in such systems.

By observing and getting knowledge of processes of non-live nature scientists established laws that enable people to develop in the future useful technological processes based on these laws. However, the related experiments at the initial stage of analysis of various natural phenomena required appropriate devices and an appropriate technological base, that is, it became possible only at a certain stage of societal development.

Natural sciences play a dominant role in technological progress of societies and improving living conditions of the population. The same useful role sociology can play if it would establish and prove rigorously the features of progressive societal structures.

Rigorous science includes many principles that are considered to be laws of nature. Many of them were obtained in the analytical form after multiple experiments proving their universal character (for example, Newton’s laws of motion). Sociological theories are not supported by such laws. Similar situation we have in economics. One of the most basic economic laws, the law of supply and demand that ties into almost all economic principles, is not considered by some scientists,...

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