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Bitten by Twilight

Youth Culture, Media, and the Vampire Franchise


Edited By Melissa A. Click, Jennifer Stevens Aubrey and Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz

Focusing on the wildly successful Twilight series, this collection of scholarly essays examines the phenomenon from diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives. Particular attention is paid to cultural, social, and economic aspects of the series and to the recurrent messages about youth, gender roles, romance, and sexuality. Essays discuss race and religion, and provide audience analyses of young adult, adult, anti-, and international fans. Other chapters are political-economic examinations into celebrity, tourism, and publishing. With new research by established and rising scholars, this volume is a significant contribution to the growing field of youth studies and complements existing feminist cultural analyses of media texts.


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Index Aammilk, 217–218 abstinence body desires vs., 89–91 in Cullen family values, 76–78 dangers of sex and, 40, 72 as eroticism, 90–91 male-imposed, 79–80, 282 porn, 164 in vampire literature, 37 abusiveness of Edward critics of, 39, 71 fans on, 139, 165 Team Jacob on, 200 Adorno, T., 246 adult vampire narratives, 42–47. See also vampires aging, 87 ALA (American Library Association), 244, 248 Alberts, J., 123 Alice in Wonderland, 176 all human (AH) stories, 179 alternate universe (AU) stories, 178–179 Amazing Stories, 176 American Library Association (ALA), 244 The American Prospect, 5 Amy x-x, 174, 181 Andrejevic, M., 255 Ang, I., 217, 282 Anglophone fan communities, 191–197, 200– 203 Anne of Green Gables, 183 anti-Twilight fans conclusions about, 219–220 criticisms of, 212–215 fans vs., 195, 208–209 fervency of, 251 introduction to, 12, 207–208 mocking fans, 210–212 negotiating moderate positions, 215–219 on partner traits, 149–151 reading, 209–210 appearance body issues and, 88–89 Edward’s celebrity and, 227 gender issues and, 73 Pattinson as teen idol and, 231 racial issues and, 56–57, 61 archontic literature, 177–178 ARCs (advance review copies), 248–249, 255– 256 Aronson, M., 247 Atheneum, 245 The Atlantic, 3, 22 Auerbach, N., 104 Austen, Jane, 161–162 authenticity, 268–272 autonomy/connection, 127–128 aziraphale, 213 back to the woods. See fan fiction Bacon-Smith, Camille, 177, 208 Barnes and Noble, 208 Barthes, Roland, 121 Beatlemania, 225, 235 beauty. See appearance Bechtel,...

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