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Indigenous Philosophies and Critical Education

A Reader- Foreword by Akwasi Asabere-Ameyaw


Edited By George J. Sefa Dei

An important academic goal is to understand ongoing contestations in knowledge in the search to engage everyday social practice and experiences, as well as the social barriers and approaches to peaceful human coexistence. This reader pulls together ideas concerning Indigenous epistemologies (e.g., worldviews, paradigms, standpoints, and philosophies) as they manifest themselves in the mental lives of persons both from and outside the orbit of the usual Euro-American culture. The book engages Indigenous knowledges as far more than a «contest of the marginals», thereby challenging the way oppositional knowledges are positioned, particularly in the Western academy. Subsequently, this book is a call to recognize and acknowledge Indigenous knowledges as legitimate knowings in their own right, and not necessarily in competition with other sources or forms of knowledge. The project offers an opportunity for the critical thinker to continue on a de-colonial/anti-colonial intellectual journey in ways informed by Indigenous theorizing.


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25. Coyote and Raven Chat about Protecting Indigenous Intellectual Property Pat O’Riley & Peter Cole 399


Voice over...if humankind had not invented the eyed needle (or at least mimicked nature’ sprocesses of weaving knitting and darning) would there be a haystack in which to lose so many things and are places of formal education the right places for growing minds and bodies to learn how to do things in a good way...and does “a good way” matter Voice beside...if language had not been taken so seriously would human beings still be part of nature and would it make any difference Voice under...who is in charge of thinking and regulating thinking and assigning merit and is digging for answers the same as digging a’s there somewhere we just need to know some- thing about something in order to do something context matters unless of course we are totally intu- itive about everything and what about the witching stick...speaking with the forest Voice from the Bush [salal] kalan7wi samas...raven and coyote have been having tea with some archaeologists following a conference and as longtime residents of the western hemisphere they have their own ideas about research done on the first peoples of the americas and their ancestors includ- ing after the fact and despite the “fact/s” raven begins...ama sqit ama7 s7atsxen tumulhana muta7...takem swat, tsitmusam ats7 coyote intervenes and the seesawing begins sek:on...cwis mitsaq lti zenka...kalanmints tsina sqweqwel says coyote...we would like to acknowledge the first peoples whose traditional territory we are on within these pages electronic or composed from deceased forest dwellers from the tree...

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