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Tertullian’s Use of the Pastoral Epistles, Hebrews, James, 1 and 2 Peter, and Jude


Mark A. Frisius

In Tertullian’s Use of the Pastoral Epistles, Hebrews, James, 1 and 2 Peter, and Jude, Mark A. Frisius establishes that Tertullian (a third-century theologian) only used the Pastoral Epistles, Hebrews, and 1 Peter, although he at least knew of Jude. It is further demonstrated that he had no knowledge of James or 2 Peter, which has a distinct bearing on the emergence of the New Testament canon. Tertullian interprets these five texts in various ways, but always with an eye toward confrontational discourse. The author assesses Tertullian’s varying interpretive principles and also considers the effects of Montanism on his interpretive procedures. In conclusion, Frisius demonstrates that the Pastoral Epistles, Hebrews, and 1 Peter provided Tertullian with significant material for his theological controversies. This book, in addition to being a resource for scholars, is also useful in senior level and graduate courses on ancient biblical interpretation.


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Appendix Two: Uses of Apostolus, i 139


APPENDIX TWO Uses of Apostolus, i There are a total of 639 uses of apostolus in the corpus of Tertullian. It is used in the singular 378 times, and in the plural 261 times. When used in the singular, there is no name given 323 times. Of these 323 occurrences, 321 are references to Paul, with twenty-seven of these taken from the Pastoral Epistles. If these twenty-seven are removed, 296 occurrences remain, with 294 referring to Paul, which is equal to 99.3%. This suggests that when Tertullian uses the singular form of apostolus with no attached name, that it is a clear indication that he is referencing the Apostle Paul. The texts below are listed in alphabetical order. Key P—Paul G—Group of apostles NN—Not named. This abbreviation designates that there is no particu- lar apostle named, and yet the context suggests the identity of a particular apostle ?—Denotes that the context is unclear concerning the exact identity of the apostle or apostles *—Denotes a reference to one of the Pastoral Epistles. Appendix Two 140 Text Reference Special notes An. 2.7 P - NN * An. 3.1 P - NN An. 9.4 P - NN An. 11.3 P - NN An. 16.6 P - NN An. 17.14 G - Paul? An. 18.12 P - NN An. 20.3 P - NN * An. 21.4 P - NN An. 23.2 G - Paul is included An. 28.1 G - Paul is included An. 33.6 P - NN An. 34.2 Refers to the...

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