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Churchill, Roosevelt and the Holocaust



This volume asserts that there was tacit cooperation in the Nazi extermination of the Jewish population of Europe by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and American President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Second World War. Although the Allies publicly recognized the Nazi massacre of the Jews in the London Declaration of December 17, 1942, the policies they pursued allowed the genocide to continue. They did so, the author claims, in three ways: (1) refusal to publicly and personally speak about and against the Nazi extermination of the Jews; (2) refusal to commit even one soldier, one plane, or one warship to any forcible opposition to the «Final Solution» throughout the Second World War; and (3) obstruction of Jewish escape from Hitler’s Europe. This book explores the motivation for the policies Churchill and Roosevelt pursued.


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7. Chroniclers and Commentators: A Question of Inference 225


Chapter 7: Chroniclers and Commentators: A Question of Inference This is what Alan Bullock had to say about Hitler and the Final Solution in his brilliant biography, Hitler, A Study in Tyranny, written in the early 1950’s: Himmler organized the extermination of the Jews, but the man in whose mind so grotesque a plan had been conceived was Hitler. Without Hitler’s authority, Himm- ler, a man solely of subordinate virtues, would never have dared to act on his own. This was the subject of more secret talks ‘unter vier Augen’ between the Fuehrer and the Reichsfuehrer S.S. at which no one else (save occasionally Bormann) was allowed to be present and of which no records survive. In 1960, William Shirer wrote in his Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: “Himmler and Heydrich were assigned by Hitler to liquidate the Jews.” In 1989, an American historian, Louis Snyder, wrote in his Encyclopedia of the Third Reich that the Final Solution, or Endlosung, was the “cover name of Hitler’s plan to destroy all the Jews in Europe.” The judgment of history overwhelmingly and appropriately identifies the Holocaust with Adolf Hitler. It does so entirely on the basis of inference. Hit- ler’s order to murder the Jews of Europe has never been verified by a docu- ment or sworn to by a witness. Personally, he is not known to have shot, strangled, stabbed, or starved a single Jew. But he was the master of the Third Reich obsessed by a hatred of...

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