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The Plays of CODCO

Edited by Helen Peters


Edited By Helen Peters

This book presents the texts of five plays, collectively written and performed during the years 1973 to 1976 by the Newfoundland theatre troupe CODCO. CODCO's satiric plays expose universal perversity, ignorance, prejudice and abuse with the ironic wit of the people of Newfoundland. The plays are distinguished by their graveyard or gallows humour. CODCO played an important role in the evolution of Canadian theatre and is an early signifier of Canada's attainment of cultural maturity. CODCO's current weekly television series commenced broadcasting in 1988.


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1 'appiness, he was a 'appy man, let me tell you. My God, you could hear 'en for miles around. LOLL: Y'know I believes I knows the one you're talking about. CECIL: Y'know 'en do ya? LOLL: Oh, and I knows who yer talkin' about, Cecil, and he's still 210 just as 'appy. I saw him just the other day and he's jumping and screeching 'appy as ever. ELIZABETH: Speaking of 'appy men, Cecil, you knows your boarder, Larry Driscoll? CECIL: Oh Larry, yeah. ELIZABETH: There is a 'appy man. When you were up in Labrador last year and Larry's house burned down ... CECIL: Oh, the 'appy fire, yeah. ELIZABETH: Yeah, remember Larry moved in with your wife. CECIL: Yees. 220 ELIZABETH: There was a 'appy couple. LOLL & MEENA: Yeees. ELIZABETH: I would see them, you know, 'appily hugging as if in love and 'appily running for their clothes when I come over to visit. LOLL: Yes of course, it's very easy to be 'appy, Elizabeth, when you're as big and as 'andsome as Larry is. MEENA: Oh, he's gorgeous. ELIZABETH: Gorgeous. CECIL: Ahh, well, if you'll excuse me good people, I think I'll nip 230 out and see if I can't catch their 'appiness. (Exit Cecil.) MEENA, LOLL & ELIZABETH: Ohhhh. Bye, Cecil. MEENA: Oh my God, isn't it wonderful to make people 'appy. LOLL: Yes, girl ... ELIZABETH: Oh, I loves it. LOLL: It warmed me heart to see the 'appy look on his face as he walked out the...

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