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Childrenʼs Rights and Education

International Perspectives


Edited By Beth Blue Swadener, Laura Lundy, Janette Habashi and Natasha Blanchet-Cohen

This book compares ways in which children’s rights in, to, and through education, formal and informal, are viewed and implemented in a variety of social and political contexts, aiming to shed light on how policies and practices can improve equal access to high quality education in an environment which is respectful of children’s rights. Chapters focus on understanding the opportunities for and challenges of addressing children’s rights to participation and to inclusion. Authors draw from a variety of disciplines, including critical and cultural studies of childhood, and bring internationally comparative policy perspectives to share nuanced and contrasting examples of ways in which a rights-based approach to education might empower children and youth. The book deepens and complicates research on children’s education rights, and will contribute to courses in comparative education, childhood studies, education policy, and children’s rights.


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Children’s Rights and Education


Rethinking Childhood Gaile S. Cannella General Editor Vol. 48 The Rethinking Childhood series is part of the Peter Lang Education list. Every volume is peer reviewed and meets the highest quality standards for content and production. PETER LANG New York  Washington, D.C./Baltimore  Bern Frankfurt  Berlin  Brussels  Vienna  Oxford CHILDREN’S RIGHTS AND EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES EDITED BY Beth Blue Swadener, Laura Lundy, Janette Habashi, Natasha Blanchet-Cohen PETER LANG New York  Washington, D.C./Baltimore  Bern Frankfurt  Berlin  Brussels  Vienna  Oxford Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Children’s rights and education: international perspectives / edited by Beth Blue Swadener, Laura Lundy, Janette Habashi, Natasha Blanchet-Cohen. pages cm. — (Rethinking childhood; v. 48) Includes bibliographical references and index. 1. Right to education—Cross-cultural studies. 2. Children’s rights— Cross-cultural studies. 3. Comparative education. I. Swadener, Beth Blue. LC213.C55 379.2’6—dc23 2013024275 ISBN 978-1-4331-2122-7 (hardcover) ISBN 978-1-4331-2121-0 (paperback) ISBN 978-1-4539-1158-7 (e-book) Bibliographic information published by Die Deutsche Nationalbibliothek. Die Deutsche Nationalbibliothek lists this publication in the “Deutsche Nationalbibliografie”; detailed bibliographic data is available on the Internet at Cover image by Damian Charette; photograph by Bill Gibson. The paper in this book meets the guidelines for permanence and durability of the Committee on Production Guidelines for Book Longevity of the Council of Library Resources. © 2013 Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., New York 29 Broadway, 18th floor, New York, NY 10006 All rights reserved. Reprint or reproduction, even partially, in all forms such as microfilm, xerography, microfiche, microcard, and offset strictly prohibited. To educators and young people working to...

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