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Produsing Theory in a Digital World 2.0

The Intersection of Audiences and Production in Contemporary Theory – Volume 2


Edited By Rebecca Ann Lind

Continuing the explorations begun in the first Produsing Theory volume, this book provides a site at which varied theories – some still emerging – can intersect and shine a light into the spaces between what previously had been neatly separated and discrete components of media systems. In some settings, division by audience, content, and production settings remains useful, but this volume, like the first, is all about the interstices.
Contributors reflect varied perspectives in their approaches to the spaces formed as a result of rapidly developing and swiftly deploying new communications technologies and social software. They shine multiple spotlights into the intersection of audiences and production, providing a guide toward a nuanced understanding of the interstitial spaces.


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A A/B testing, 255 access, as solution to inequalities, 163, 171 activism, 183, 184, 225–26 activity, enjoyment in, 99–100 Aden, R. C., 27 Adeyema, H., 235 adolescents. See cyberbullying; identity formation/development; youth African Americans. See cyberfeminism, Black; women, Black agency engaging, 4–8 interactivity as, 108 relationship with structures, 2–4, 45– 46 and responsibility, 5 agents exercise of power resources, 50 interaction with structures and systems, 46 algorithms, 252 Anderson, J. A., 29 Angus, I., 128 antinecessitarian social theory, 4 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), 147 asymmetrical bandwidth, 129 athletics, flow in, 93 attention, and understanding flow, 92 audience access of content by, 145 and consumer-producer relationship, 14, 129 evolution of, 11–12 fragmentation of, 142–43 meaning-making by, 12 participation of before mass media, 127–28 passification of, 128 repassification of, 126, 130–35, 272 audience engagement, 12–13, 142, 143, 145–47, 153 See also audience measurement audience measurement bottom-up systems of, 144–45 contextual factors in, 150–56 and fragmentation, 143 and sports metrics, 150–53 uncertainties about, 141–42 See also audience engagement; ratings data; social media-derived audience metrics audience studies, 19–20, 21 See also interpretive community studies Australia, 146 autotelic personality, 99–100 avatar-as-other, 118 avatars, digital subaltern 2.0, 162 B Baldwin, D. A., 5 Bandura, A., 81, 82 bandwidth, asymmetrical, 129 Banks, J. D., 115, 118 Barad, K., 260 Barry, B., 238 286 PRODUSING THEORY IN A DIGITAL WORLD 2.0 baseball analytics, 152–53 Battelle, J., 41 Baudrillard, J., 62, 63...

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