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Pedagogy of Insurrection

From Resurrection to Revolution


Peter McLaren

«Pedagogy of Insurrection» by Peter McLaren has won the American Educational Research Association, Division B Outstanding Book Recognition Award 2016.

Peter McLaren, named Outstanding Educator in America by the Association of Educators of Latin America and the Caribbean in 2013 and winner of numerous awards for his scholarship and international political activism, has penned another classic work with Pedagogy of Insurrection. One of the educators that Ana Maria (Nita) Araújo Freire credits as an architect of what has come to be known worldwide as critical pedagogy, and who Paulo Freire named his ‘intellectual cousin,’ McLaren has consistently produced iconoclastic work that has been heralded by educators worldwide as among some of the most significant commentary on the state of education. He is Honorary President of the Instituto McLaren de Pedagogía Crítica y Educación Popular in Ensenada, México, and Honorary Director of the Center for Critical Pedagogy Research at Northeast Normal University in China.
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Chapter 3. Comrade Chávez (With McLaren and Mike Cole)


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Peter McLaren and Mike Cole

… the act of reading and studying is a liberating act, education is liberating, let’s go then, go ahead with education, towards the liberation of our people …

—President Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, cited in Muhr & Verger, 2006

The tectonic plates of history are shifting. Rumbling through the fathomless fissures of time and exploding to the surface are humanity’s raw-boned cries—Ya Basta! After generations of abuse as nature’s “free gift” to capital, Mother Earth is dying, her plangent death throes reverberating across the seas. Shining through their own effulgence, her pyroclastic tears light up the evening sky, spewed from rotting smokestacks in what were once pristine fields yielding bumper crops under a harvest moon. The world’s slums no longer pockmark the planet but define its central features. Everything, including the tears of the poor, are up for sale.

If at any time a militant pedagogy of empowered citizenry is needed, it is now. To create a pedagogy that is up to the task of challenging the neoliberal behemoth that now bestrides the world, urinating its wastewater sewage over crumbling metropolises like a fracking colossus in overalls and a miner’s hat who has had too much beer, conditions of possibility for an alternative to neoliberal capitalism must first be created. ← 161 | 162 →

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