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Voyage across a Constellation of Information

Information Literacy in Interest-Driven Learning Communities


Crystle Martin

What do orcs, elves, and information literacy have to do with each others? Find out in Voyage across a Constellation of Information as we take an in-depth look at information literacy practices (how people find, evaluate, and use information) in the massively multiplayer online game World of Warcraft and its online community. This book teases out real-world information literacy practices by following players as they solve their information needs through collective activity, relying on and building a set of individual and collective practices within the online community. Voyage across a Constellation of Information offers educators, information professionals, and researchers an opportunity to get an inside look at the new practices of digital spaces, and lays the groundwork for inclusion of these practices into 21st-century education.
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Chapter Three: Tools and Methods for Creating the Compass and Navigating the Constellations



World of Warcraft (WoW) is a vast, multi-continent game world. Game play consists of individual and group quests, as well as small group activities in dungeons, and large group activities called raids. The game is played by creating and controlling a character and choosing quests and activities to complete which grants you experience points that level your character, giving you access to more powerful abilities. The world is persistent, meaning that no matter when you log on, (barring server issues), it is always available. People are playing in the same space, so when two players are in the same area and in pursuit of the same enemy, but not in a party together, the first player to eliminate the enemy gets the credit; and the second player must hang out and wait for the enemy to respawn.2 How a player chooses to do this is completely up to them. As mentioned in Chapter 1, there are a lot of decisions to make in WoW from the moment you create your character all the way to the end game. The player makes decisions based on a variety of factors: aesthetics, play style, previous experience, and available information; beyond just the number of possible characters to create from two factions, two genders, thirteen races, and eleven classes, each one having the option of three specializations.3 As will be seen in Chapter 6, it is common for new or returning players to ask the community which class specialization is...

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