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The Revelations of Asher

Toward Supreme Love in Self – (This Is an Endarkened, Feminist, New Literacies Event)


Jeanine M. Staples

The Revelations of Asher: Toward Supreme Love in Self is an endarkened, feminist, new literacies event. It critically and creatively explores Black women’s terror in love. With poetry, prose, and analytic memos, Jeanine Staples shows how a group of Black women’s talk and writings about relationships revealed epistemological and ontological revelations, after 9/11. These revelations are presented in the context of a third wave new literacies framework. They are voiced and storied dynamically by the women’s seven fragmented selves. Through the selves, we learn the five ways the women lived as lovers: Main Chick, Side Chick, Bonnie, Bitch, and Victim. As an alternative-response to these identities in love, the author presents a new way. She introduces the Supreme Lover Identity and illuminates its integral connection to social and emotional justice for and through Black women’s wisdom.
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Where it’s at (Kagan, Sash, Rajah, and Nason speak: A poem)


Where it’s at

Ghost. Where are you??

I’m starvin’ over here.

Hungry. Thirsty.

And, confused.

I walked with you there because you said there was “where it’s at” and when we got to where you said to go, to where you led me, there was nothing to behold, to hold, to hold…a hole?      No.

There was nothing.

I mean, did you mean all that stuff you said about my eyes and my thighs, and my lips, and my smile? What was up with all that rap? And, what was up with all that walking and leading and leaning and leaving? I mean, is this wuss up? To feel led to there but get to nowhere and look to you and ask for clarification about this long ass walk you initiated because you “hoped I was real” and “couldn’t be without me,” and “didn’t want to be without me,” and called me, and called me, and waited on my front stoop for me, then disappeared at the end of the nowhere.

You knew we were goin’ nowhere…didn’t you? ← 231 | 232 →


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