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Queering Paradigms VI

Interventions, Ethics and Glocalities


Edited By Bee Scherer

This edited volume brings together perspectives on embodied queerness within the complicated parameters of hegemonic normativities, biopolitics and social-religious governmentalities. Queering Paradigms VI offers queer interventions, explores value-production in socio-corporeal normative frameworks, and exemplifies and highlights the complexity of queering in the global-local continuum. Queer maintains its revolutionary subversive functionality as an impulse and catalyst for cultural shifts challenging status quos, advancing cultural philosophy and activism/artivism and subverting harmful discourses at work among communities of practice and academic disciplines. The authors of this volume demonstrate the discoursive power of value-production and show pathways of global-local queer resistance, virtuosity and failure in the fields of philosophy, pedagogy, psychology, art, criminology, health, social media, history, religion and politics.

The volume features a particular South Asia focus and a balanced mix of early career researchers and established scholars, which reflects Queering Paradigms’ ethos for fostering a genial academic community of practice and to proffer intergenerational support and voice.

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8 Lynchpin for Value Negotiation: Lesbians, Gays and Transgender between Russia and ‘the West’


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8   Lynchpin for Value Negotiation: Lesbians, Gays and Transgender between Russia and ‘the West’

Recently, homosexuality and gender-transgressive body performances were heatedly debated within Russian as well as North/Western media in reference to Russia. Homophobic local and federal legislation, official statements on human rights during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi as well as negative public reactions to the success of the Austrian Eurovision Song Contest contestant of 2014 and drag queen Conchita Wurst fueled the debates (see, e.g., Antonova 2013; Clarke and Maese 2013; Ghitis 2014; The Moscow Times 2013).

In this chapter we discuss the current negotiation of values within such media discourses and the consequences of this negotiation for activism. Building on previous studies on value negotiations between the seemingly oppositional contexts of Western and Central-, Eastern Europe (Kulpa and Mizielińska 2011; Kulpa 2014; Kahlina 2015) and Russia (Kondakov 2013; Stella 2015), we investigate the connection between values like purity, traditionalism, spirituality and morality and the rejection of homosexuality as sinful, perverse and ‘Western’ within Russia. We follow homophobic as well as homophile discourses within Russian and North/Western media to examine the difficult position of queers1 and their connection to the construction of ‘Westernness’ in opposition to Russianness. Moreover, we analyze the construction of values like tolerance in reference to the maltreatment of queers through Russian state official and civil society. We argue that both, Russian as well as North/Western discourses,...

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