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A Political Theory for Our Time


Edited By Lucio Levi, Giampiero Bordino and Antonio Mosconi

This volume is a collection of essays published between 1999 and 2015 in the review The Federalist Debate. The book highlights the issue of federalism intended as a theoretical paradigm to interpret the major problems of our age, and in particular the issues of peace and war in a world characterized by an uncontrolled globalization.

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The Search for a European Identity: Who Are We?



Giampiero BORDINO

In the long constitutional process towards Europe’s political unity the issue of the European demos, of its identity, has often been regarded, and above all dealt with, as secondary with respect to the issue of the political order and the institutional arrangement required for the Union. But the issue of the demos and its identity – Who are we Europeans? What is the meaning of being Europeans? How can we be simultaneously European and Italian, or French or German and so on? – cannot be dodged. The lack of an identity and of a feeling of belonging can in fact turn against the on-going institutional processes, as the negative outcome of the referenda on the ratification of the European Constitution shows. If we are not adequately conscious and convinced of “belonging” to a common European space, there is the risk, as there are identity-related urges to satisfy, that other and different spaces of belonging (localist, ethnic, national at best) will be cultivated to a hypertrophic degree, and that in between these spaces attitudes tending to exclusion and the generation of conflicts will be primed, as our common, even recent (Yugoslavia, the Balkans) European history tragically reminds us.

To this end, some reflection on European identity looks necessary. But first, a more general and preliminary reflection would be appropriate on what identity means today in the globalized world of the 21st century we have just entered. As our individual experience may tell us, identity never...

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