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Vowel Elision in Florentine Italian


Luigia Garrapa

This monograph investigates final vowel elision in spoken Italian. Specifically, the book sheds light on the functioning and the constraining factors of final vowel elision in sequences of vowel-final determiners followed by vowel-initial nouns and in sequences of vowel-final proclitics followed by vowel-initial lexical verbs. The analysis is based on «real» language, that is on corpus and elicited data as well as on their pooled results. The quantitative data are analyzed statistically in order to identify the factors which constrain final vowel elision (i.e. function word class, the morphological category of number realized by the final elidable vowel, and speech style). The representation of final vowel elision in determiners and proclitics proposed in this monograph relies on four theoretical constructs and on their interaction, i.e pre-compiled phrasal allomorphy, dominant allomorphs, lexically encoded selectional preferences among allomorphs, and prosodic rules.


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Abbreviations and symbols 17


17 Abbreviations and symbols Adj. Adjective Acc. Accusative Align. Alignment Allom. Allomorph Art. Article C Consonant CG Clitic group Cl. Clitic Con. Constraint CV Coefficient of variation Dat. Dative Def. Definite Demonstr./dem. Demonstrative Det. Determiner Dist. Distal El. Elision/elided Fem. Feminine Fnc Function word Ft Foot FUL Featurally Underspecified Lexicon G Glide I(P) Intonational phrase IMP. Imperative Ind./Indef. Indefinite Inst. Instantiation L Left Lex Lexical (or content) word Lexmax The right edge of a maximal phrase projected from a Lex LV Largest value M Mean m Morph Masc. Masculine 18 MWd Morphological word N Noun n.f. Not found n.s. Not significant NP Noun phrase Occ. Occurrences Ord. Ordinal Over. overall p Probability Part. Partitive Pers. Person Pl. Plural PPh Phonological phrase Phonol. Phonological Poss. Possessive Prec. Precompiled Pref. Prefix Prep. Preposition/prepositional Procl. Proclitic Pron. Pronominal Prox. Proximal PWd Prosodic (or phonological) word qlco Qualcosa ‘something’ (Italian) Qual. Qualifying Quant. Quantifier R Range/right Refl. Reflexive Ret. Retention/retained SD Standard deviation Sg. Singular sth. Something Suff. Suffix SV Smallest value Uncl. Unclear U(tt) Utterance V Verb V-final Vowel-final VE Vowel elision or elisione 19 V Non-syllabic vowel V1 The first vowel (the one to the left) in a sequence V2 The second vowel (the one to the right) in a sequence VP Verb phrase VR Vowel Reduction Wd Word Statistical alpha level x2 Chi-squared Syllable Mora ´ Primary stress : Length . Syllable boundary + Morpheme boundary # (Morphological) word boundary > Is more frequent than/is preferred to >> Has some predominance over/dominates = Is identical...

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