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The Paths of Creation

Creativity in Science and Art


Sixto J. Castro and Alfredo Marcos

Edited By Sixto J. Castro and Alfredo Marcos

The Paths of Creation explores the idea of creativity both in science and in art. The editors have collected papers from different philosophers working on philosophy of science and aesthetics to show that the creative processes of science and art share identical procedures: metaphor, ruled method, analogy, abduction, similarity. They are both surrounded by emotions, contain inspirations, proceed through revolutions that maintain some kind of continuity, and have a long common history in which no one worried about whether something was science or art. The purpose of this volume is to show that there are no different rationalities applied to science and art, but the same human reason developing in different forms to create not just different disciplines, but different worlds as well.


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Acknowledgements 7 1. Introduction 9 ALFREDO MARCOS and SIXTO J. CASTRO Part I. Creative Procedures 2. Creative Rules and the Anomic Fallacy 19 SIXTO J. CASTRO 3. Methods of Scientific Creativity 33 SERGIO MENNA 4. The Creative Function of Abduction: Constraints on Abductive Inference in Artistic and Scientific Creativity 47 EDUARDO DE BUSTOS 5. The Fertility of Analogy 61 MAURICIO BEUCHOT 6. Rationality in Science and the Arts: Common Sense and Heuristics 71 AMBROSIO VELASCO 7. The Function of Scientific Metaphors: An Example of the Creative Power of Metaphors in Biological Theories 81 XAVIER DONATO and ALFONSO ARROYO 8. Experience, Emotions and Creativity 97 CRISTINA DI GREGORI and ANA ROSA PÉREZ RANSANZ 6 Table of Contents Part II. Thematic Spheres of Creativity 9 Creativity and Mathematical Inspiration 117 JAVIER DE LORENZO 10. Knots and Braids. Interweaving Art and Mathematics in Culture and Nature 135 LUCIANO BOI and LORRAINE VERNER 11. Physics and Poetry 165 ALBERTO ROJO 12. Creating Nature through Science and Art: Discovering the Mountain in the 18th Century 177 FERNANDO CALDERÓN and MARÍA TERESA CALDERÓN 13. The Creative Discovery of Similarity 195 ALFREDO MARCOS Part III. Historical Moments of Creativity 14. Creativity, Continuity and Discontinuity in Science and Art 215 J. C. PINTO DE OLIVEIRA 15. Historical Roots of Creativity: The Art of Science and the Science of Art in the “Etymologies” of Isidore of Seville 233 RICARDO PIÑERO 16. Modernity and Creativity 245 JOSEPH MARGOLIS 17. Our Disgusting Soapy Water Science: Wittgenstein...

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