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The Governance of Educational Welfare Markets

A Comparative Analysis of the European Social Fund in Five Countries

Edited By Daniel Pop and Cristina Stanus

This book is a first exploratory inquiry into possible educational selectivity effects of the European Social Fund (ESF). It assesses the extent of the gap between the social policy objectives set through regulatory competences in multi-level governance and the structure of incentives it breeds in practice, with a broad range of implications for the capacity of the government to control for an equitable distribution of services at the community level. The chapters emphasize the educational selectivity involved in national policy decisions concerning ESF implementation in the five countries, the role of informal mechanisms in fine-tuning implementation, the negative effects of formalization and failures in accommodating the complexity of goals which characterizes the ESF, as well as the overall fairness of ESF implementation towards the most disadvantaged groups in society. The empirical analysis suggests that social-service delivery contracting as an instrument of governance is no longer regulating against risks for beneficiaries, but fuels increased social division in access to public services.
The book is the result of the Educational selectivity effects of the European Social Fund project (July 2012 and December 2013), developed with the support of the Education Support Program of the Open Society Foundations.
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List of abbreviations


← x | xi → Abbreviations

BG-CEAOEFCommittee on European Affairs and Oversight of the European Funds, Bulgaria
BG-MESMinistry of Education and Science, Bulgaria
BG-MLSPMinistry of Labour and Social Policy, Bulgaria
BG-NDPNational Development Plan, Bulgaria
BG-OPHRDHuman Resources Development Sectoral Operational Programme, Bulgaria
CFCohesion Fund
CSGCommunity Strategic Guidelines
CSOscivil society organizations
CVTcontinuing vocational training
CZ-CSICzech School Inspectorate
CZ-ECOPOperational Programme Education for Competitiveness, Czech Republic
CZ-MEYSMinistry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT in Czech)
CZ-NAPIENational Action Plan of Inclusive Education, Czech Republic
CZ-OPPAOperational Programme Prague – Adaptability, Czech Republic
DG EmploymentDirectorate-General Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission
DG RegioDirectorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission
ECEuropean Commission
← xi | xii → ECHREuropean Court of Human Rights
ERDFEuropean Regional Development Fund
ESFEuropean Social Fund
EUEuropean Union
HRDhuman resource development
HU-SROPSocial Renewal Operational Programme, Hungary
HU-CPWGCall Preparatory Working Groups, Hungary
HU-EEOPEnvironment and Energy Operational Programme
HU-HRDOPHuman Resources Development Operational Programme, Hungary
HU-MVMRMost Vulnerable Micro-regions, Hungary
HU-NDANational Development Agency, Hungary
HU-NDPNational Development Plan, Hungary
HU-NDPCNational Development Policy Concept, Hungary
HU-NHDPNew Hungary Development Plan
HU-NPNDNGOs for the Publicity of the National Development Plan, Hungary
IBIntermediate Body
ICTInformation and communication technologies
ISCEDInternational Standard Classification of Education
KAIkey area of intervention
LLLlifelong learning
MAManaging Authority
MCMonitoring Committee
NGOsnon-governmental organizations
NSRFNational Strategic Reference Framework, all countries
NUTSNomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics
← xii | xiii → OECDOrganization for Economic Co-operation and Development
OPOperational Programme
PAPriority Axis
PHAREProgramme of Community aid to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe
PISAProgramme for International Student Assessment
R&DResearch and development
RO-ACISAuthority for the Co-ordination of Structural Instruments, Romania
RO-ADRRegional development agencies, Romania
RO-ANRNational Agency for the Roma, Romania
RO-MECTMinistry of Education, Research and Youth, Romania (name changed during the reference period, used as this to avoid confusion)
RO-SOPHRDSectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development, Romania
SENspecial educational needs
SK-ASFEUAgency of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic for EU Structural Funds
SK-GPRCOffice of the Governmental Plenipotentiary for Roma Communities, Slovakia
SK-HP MRCHorizontal Priority Marginalized Roma Communities, Slovakia
SK-ITMSIT Monitoring System, Slovakia
SK-MESRSMinistry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic (name changed during the reference period, used as this to avoid confusion)
SK-OPEOperational Programme Education, Slovakia
← xiii | xiv → SK-OPESIOperational Programme Employment and Social Inclusion, Slovakia
SMARTSpecific – Measurable – Assignable – Realistic – Time-related
SWOTStrenghts – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats
TSOsthird-sector organizations
VETvocational education and training