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Radicalism and Terrorism in the 21st Century

Implications for Security


Edited By Anna Sroka, Fanny Castro-Rial Garrone and Rubén Darío Torres Kumbrián

This book addresses the issues of radicalism and terrorism, which are of exceptional importance and relevance in contemporary society. Each of the two phenomena are analyzed from a multidisciplinary perspective. The book contains articles which explore legal, political, psychological, economic and social aspects of radicalism and terrorism. A portion of the contributions are of a theoretical nature, they constitute an attempt at constructing analytical frameworks for studies on the two phenomena. There are also studies of particular cases, such as radicalism in Poland and in Spain, as well as within the European Union as a whole. This collective work is a response to the need for analyses of two issues which are increasingly responsible for determining the level of security which characterizes the contemporary world.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Stanisław Sulowski

Counter-Terrorism: Correlating Security and Freedom

Fanny Castro-Rial Garrone

An Updated Approach to the Study of Terrorism

Sebastian Wojciechowski

Reasons of Contemporary Terrorism. An Analysis of Main Determinants

Pablo de Diego Ángeles and Rubén Darío Torres Kumbrián

An Approach to the Economic and Financial Dimensions of Radicalization and Terrorism

Jesús Pérez Viejo and Ángeles Martínez Boyé

An Analysis of the Psycho-Social Factors Involved in Jihadist Radicalization Process and Terrorist Violence

Anna Potyrała

Islamic State – Disputed Statehood

Hallar Abderrahaman Mohamed

Woman and ISIS: Social Diagnosis and Interventions

Anna Sroka and Katarzyna Trofimowicz

Terrorism and Political Radicalism in the Security Strategies of Poland and Spain versus Public Opinion

José María Blanco Navarro

The Fight against Jihadism in Spain Special Mention to the Spanish Civil Guard

Damian Szlachter and Piotr Potejko

Religious Extremism among Islam Believers Living in Poland – the Results and Conclusions of the Research

Andrzej Misiuk and Magdalena Dobrowolska-Opała

Terrorist Threats and Mass Events

Claribel de Castro Sánchez

Security, Migrant Flows, and Terrorism in the European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

Teresa Marcos Martín

Legal Instruments and Specific Actions in the EU’s Fight against Terrorism

Juan Manuel Goig Martínez and María Acracia Núñez Martínez

The Islamic State’s Political Organization. The Political Impact of Jihadist Terrorrism: Consequences in the European Union

Daniel Przastek and Elżbieta Borowska

Theme of Terrorism in Art of the 21st Century

Notes on Contributors