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Cushitic Lexicon and Phonology

Edited by Grover Hudson


M. Lionel Bender

Edited By Grover Hudson

Cushitic Lexicon and Phonology contains a concise reconstruction of lexical and phonological proto-forms for various stages in the development of Cushitic languages, the largest branch within the Afrasian (Afro-Asiatic) phylum. It is based methodologically on the comparative method of historical linguistics, using sound correspondences as major device for the identification of cognates. This almost-finished study was left by the author upon his untimely death in 2008 and was typographically reworked by the editor.

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Schriften zur Afrikanistik –Research in African Studies

Herausgegeben von Rainer Vossen und Georg Ziegelmeyer 

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Band   5 Abdourahmane Diallo: Phonologie et morphologie des emprunts arabes en pular de Guinée. 2001.

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Band   7 Ronny Meyer / Renate Richter: Language Use in Ethiopia from a Network Perspective. Results of a sociolinguistic survey conducted among high school students. 2003.

Band   8 Reinhard Klein-Arendt: Die traditionellen Eisenhandwerke der Savannen-Bantu. Eine sprachhistorische Rekonstruktion auf lexikalischer Grundlage. 2004.

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