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River Flowing North

Migration Generating Geographies and International Irregular Migrations

Edited By Suat KOLUKIRIK and Elif Gün

The phenomenon of migration, whose boundaries cannot be drawn, is not only a process that needs to be resolved economically, but also a multidimensional phenomenon that encompasses many areas in political, cultural, legal and social terms. Although the people built nations for themselves, set borders and established a relationship of belonging on certain lands, migration has always existed and continues to exist as a reality that pushes the limits of countries. In particular, the flows and possibilities that globalization has brought have enabled the phenomenon of migration to gain a different dimension and to be practiced and experienced in different ways in different parts of the world. Today, migration has ceased to be a phenomenon that affects only the countries that receive and produce migrants and that are located on the migration routes, and has become a series of events that occur on a transnational plane and await solutions. Now, the phenomenon of migration has become a problem of humanity, not a problem of individual communities and nations, and has become an important issue that needs to be approached on an international and global level.

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Migration and Intercultural Sensitivity: (Kasım YILDIRIM and Savaş ÇAĞLAYAN)



Migration and Intercultural Sensitivity

1 Introduction

Migration has been one of the most important factors affecting the individual-individual relationship, the state-state relationship, and the relationship between state institutions and individuals since the time when human beings established modern relations. Within the framework of these interactions, social scientists, Nation-State/State administrations and managers, various international institutions and organizations have focused on many concepts and applications. These concepts associated with international migration involve many different perspectives such as: Multiculturalism, Harmony, Assimilation, Cultural Assimilation, Integration, Minorities, Minority Rights, Guest Worker, Diasporic Communities, Hyphenated Identities, Hybridization, Brain Drain, Seasonal Labor Migration, Asylum Seekers, and Displaced. So many different points of view, conceptual integrity, and national and international practices in the historical process are actually indicative of a clear phenomenon: Humanity still has not resolved the historical problem of migration and migrants. This historical problem still exists, and humankind constantly adopts new approaches to solve this problem. The main purpose of this article is to explain the concept of Intercultural Sensitivity, which has been talked about a lot in academia in recent years, by revealing its relationship with the phenomenon of international migration.

2 Migration

The events and facts that occur in today’s societies include multipart cases. It can be said that the migration process has such a structure in itself, because although mass and continuous migrations occur, each migration process has a unique structure in itself (Çağlayan,...

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