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Tableau Methods for Propositional Logic and Term Logic


Tomasz Jarmużek

The book aims to formalise tableau methods for the logics of propositions and names. The methods described are based on Set Theory. The tableau rule was reduced to an ordered n-tuple of sets of expressions where the first element is a set of premises, and the following elements are its supersets.

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CPLClassical Propositional Logic
Lclogical constants
Varpropositional letters
ForCPLformulas of CPL
vvaluation of propositional letters
Vvaluation of formulas
t-inconsistenttableau inconsistent set
t-consistenttableau consistent set
RCPLtableau rules for CPL
Lnname letters
ForTLformulas of TL
Ciindividual constants
Viindividual variables
Lppredicate letters
TeTLtableau expressions for TL
RTLtableau rules for TL
ForS5formulas S5
TeS5tableau expressions for S5
RS5tableau rules for S5
Forformulas generally
⟨For,⊧I⟩semantically defined logic
Teintableau contradictory set
Tetableau expressions
TeAtableau auxiliary expressions
branch consequence relation
ForMTLformulas MTL
TeMTLtableau expressions for MTL
ForMLformulas for modal logic
TeMLtableau expressions for modal logic
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