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Formalization of Grammar in Slavic Languages

Contributions of the Eighth International Conference on Formal Description of Slavic Languages – FDSL VIII 2009 University of Potsdam, December 2-5, 2009


Edited By Peter Kosta and Lilia Schürcks

This book assembles the contributions of the Eighth European Conference on Formal Description of Slavic Languages (FDSL VIII) which took place from 2nd to 5th December 2009 at the University of Potsdam. The concern was to bring together excellent experienced but also young scholars who work in the field of formal description of Slavic languages. Besides that two workshops on typology of Slavic languages and on the structure of DP/NP in Slavic were organized.


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Preface 9 I. Phonetics & Phonology 11 ALEŠ BIAN: Structure of Syllables in Czech 13 MAGORZATA AVAR: Merger of the Place Contrast in the Posterior Sibilants in Croatian 29 ONDEJ ŠEVÍK: Features of Common Slavic Ablaut Alternation 43 II. Machine Translation 55 NATALYA KLYUEVA, PETR HOMOLA & ONDEJ BOJAR: Towards a Rule-Based Machine Translation System between Czech and Russian 57 III. Semantics 65 ZHANNA GLUSHAN: On Animacy and Unaccusativity in Russian 67 ELENA GORISHNEVA: Inductive vs. Non-Inductive Generics in Russian and Bulgarian 81 BEATA TRAWISKI: A Compositional Semantics for Comitative Constructions 93 IV. Syntax 109 ANDREI ANTONENKO: Binding by Phases: Principle A in Russian 111 STEVEN FRANKS: Dynamic Spell-Out as Interface Optimization 127 ELENA GORISHNEVA & ILSE ZIMMERMANN: Wh-Words and the Indefinite Particle -to in Russian 165 HANA GRUET-SKRABALOVA: Czech questions with two wh-words 179 GAŠPER ILC: Optionality of the Genitive (of Negation) in Slovene 193 KATARZYNA JANIC: On development of antipassive function: what do Australian and Slavonic languages have in common? 207 SLAVICA KOCHOVSKA: Dislocated Direct Objects in Macedonian 221 PETER KOSTA: Causatives and Anti-Causatives, Unaccusatives and Unergatives: Or how big is the contribution of the lexicon to syntax? 235 ALEXANDER LETUCHIY: Reciprocity and similar meanings in Slavic languages and SAE 297 NINA RADKEVICH: PPs of Different Sizes 315 TANYA SCOTT: Multiple Sluicing: A purely syntactic account 329 JOANNA MIECISKA: Wh-scope marking strategies in Polish 339 NATASHA TODOROVICH: How many da(s) are there in Serbian? 351 HANNU TOMMOLA: On Slavic and Finno-Ugric vs. Standard Average European 365 ROK ŽAUCER:...

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