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Let’s Talk About - (Texts About) Sex

Sexualität und Sprache- Sex and Language


Edited By Marietta Calderón and Georg Marko

Die Beiträge dieses Buches untersuchen eine breite Palette von Fragestellungen zur sprachlichen Repräsentation von Sexualität – vom sexuellen Gehalt von Toilettengraffiti bis zum erotischen Subtext des altindischen Rig-Veda. Dabei werden unterschiedliche linguistische Methoden von der Diskursanalyse bis zur historischen Syntax angewandt. Die verwendeten Daten stammen aus verschiedenen Sprachen, darunter Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Russisch, Spanisch, Latein und Vedisch.
The contributions to this book explore a wide range of questions concerning representations of sexuality in language – from the sexual content of toilet graffiti to the erotic subtext of the ancient Indian Rig Veda. They apply a variety of linguistic methods from discourse analysis to historical Syntax. Data from German, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Latin and Vedic are used.


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Georg Marko: Erotic Fiction or Pornographic Facts. Epistemological Framing in Pornography


Georg Marko Erotic Fiction or Pornographic Facts. Epistemological Framing in Pornography Pornographic fantasies go beyond the merely factually false to the grossly unrealistic, and things in this category are not usefully seen as propositional. In some sense, all fantasies are false, and so it is quite right to claim that pornography does not depict the actual state of the world […]. All fantastic literature fails to correspond with reality. Indeed, the failure of pornographic fantasy to match reality probably contributes to its ability to generate sexual arousal. This is a quote by the American philosopher of sexuality Alan Soble (1991: 97) in which he talks of the effects – or rather the absence of effects – of pornography. If we take a closer look at the passage, we see a lot of expressions concerned with epistemology, i.e. with reality and truth as well as their opposites: fantasies, fantastic literature, pornographic fantasy, factually false, grossly unrealistic, not propositional, not depict the actual state, fail to correspond with reality, failure to match reality. The sheer number of these expressions in this relatively short extract shows how preoccupied Soble is with the epistemological status of pornography – as fiction – in his argumentation. And so are the authors of the following introduction to the pornographic website Voyeurzine, even though they appear to take the opposite perspective. Free – featuring voyeur porn, voyeur movies, free sexy amateur photos and videos – Updated daily! We try to keep this site genuine and free of bullshit! The epistemological aspects of the passage...

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