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The Musical Culture of Silesia before 1742

New Contexts – New Perspectives


Edited By Pawel Gancarczyk and Lenka Hlávková-Mrácková

The volume includes detailed studies concerning various aspects of the musical culture of Silesia from the fifteenth to mid-eighteenth centuries. The authors, who represent academic centres in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Holland, France and Great Britain, present new sources, as well as reinterpreting previously known facts and phenomena. What makes the approach here so original is that it takes into account the wider context of musical culture in Silesia, not limited to examining it exclusively in relation to the Polish, Czech or German cultures. Here we can see Silesia as one of the regions of Central Europe, and not merely as a western province of Poland, northern province of the Czech Kingdom, or eastern province of Prussia.


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Authors of works cited in footnotes are not included A Adalbert Ritter Král von Dobrá Voda 218 Adalberto P. 286 Adlersfeld Johann Christian Antoni von 234 Aelurius (Katschker) Georg 181, 183 Affligemensis Johannes, see Johannes Affligemensis Agnes of P emyslid (St Agnes) 290 Agricola Alexander 83–84 Ahle Johann Rudolf 207 Alberti Joannes 259 Albertini T. 293 Albertus (lector) 36 Alsamovsky Adam Max 220 Altmann Jacob 292–293 Altmann Paul 166 Ammon Blasius 95, 97 Andreas von Jerin, see Jerin Andreas von Andresin Justina 166, 171 Anne of P emyslid 290 Anne St 31, 277 Antoni Paduani St 264, 320 Apelles Balthasar 170–171 Apelles von Löwenstern Matthäus 168, 171, 184, 207 Arbogast von Annberg Johannes Ardensbach Christoph Ferdinand 257 Aresti Floriano 235 Arnoldt Johannes 191 Arnschwanger Johann Christoph 241 Artophaeus (Arthophaeus) Ferdinand Bernard 6, 268–269, 279, 289, 291–298, 300, 306 Astorga Emanuele Gioacchino Cesare Rincon de 235 August II the Strong, King 238 Augustin St 292 Auschitzer Georg 190–193 B Bajger Matyáš 319, 325 Barbingant (Berbigant) 60, 64 Baron Ernst Gottlieb 215, 225, 230–231, 234, 240, 242, 246, 249 Bauldewijn Noël 85 Bavor Jacob 118 Bedyngham 59, 64 Behem Johannes 156 Benthem Jaap van 5, 71, 83 Berg Adam 129 Berg Johann (Montanus) 122, 128 Berlinus Valerian 166 Bernard of Clairvaux St 282, 308 Berner of Rettenwert Johannes Aegidius 244 Bertali Giovanni Antonio 213 Besler Adam 167, 172 Besler Samuel 98, 168–169, 171, 178 Besler Simon 171 Bestettner Joannes Georgius...

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