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Unconventional Consideration Manners of the Economic Crisis III

What is to be done as a solution for the crisis?

Uwe Petersen

In the beginning of 2011 Unkonventionelle Betrachtungsweisen zur Wirtschaftskrise. Von Haien, Heuschrecken und anderem Getier (Unconventional Consideration Manners of the Economic Crisis I. From Sharks, Grasshoppers and other Creatures) was published, which explained aphoristically succinct aspects of the economic crisis. At the end of August, 2011, the second volume with the subtitle Illnesses of the Economic System and Possibilities and Limits of their Healing appeared in German, which analyses the traditional measures of the economic policy and exemplarily describes the economic case history of single countries. The result of these analyses was that the conventional economic policies only cured symptoms but aggravated even the fragility of the economic system. Therefore in this book (a little modified and actualised translation of the third volume published in German in 2012) unconventional solution possibilities of the financial and economic crisis are indicated, and are backed up ethically. The treatises in this volume are clear for themselves, and at the same time give an overview about the crisis problems all together, and that’s why it seemed to be justified to translate only this volume in English.


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D. Summary


Economic behaviour is determined by four kinds of motivations: 1. Procurement of the means of subsistence, 2. Status 3. Professional ethics 4. Capitalistic pursuit of profits. These motivations flow together in the practical life up to a certain degree. The economic behavior follows different laws depending on which motivation rules. 1. Economic activity to ensure the means of subsistence The most original form of economic activity serves the protection of maintenance and further needs. Other economic motivations are also based on the protection of maintenance. On one hand, for the procurement of the means of subsistence, a person needs experiences and talent to utilise the natural products. For, natural products as a rule are scarce. On the other hand competitors must also be kept away from them. This last aspect should not be neglected. As in the animal kingdom, families, trunks, people, had to conquer their district and defend it. Original power related economic activity is based on physical strength. So slaveholder's societies and feudalism originated. The conquerors appropriated the land and made the subjected inhabitants serve them. At that time the relations were internalised by the people, and recognised as given by God. So estate- related economies developed. 2. Estate-related economies Market economists are inclined to look at the height of the income as only to be determined by offer and demand. However, this is only partly the case. Allowances of a king, the salaries of ministers and the remunerations of parliamentarians are only partly determined by offer and...

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