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«The Jewish Press» – A Gevalt from the Torah True

An Examination of the Concepts Holocaust and Israel in the American Jewish Newspaper «The Jewish Press»

Sahra L. Lindeberg

The Jewish Press’ purpose is to promote Jewish Orthodoxy. The book explores this popular American Jewish newspaper and more precisely the development of the paper’s ideology over a period of forty years offering a new understanding of the phenomenon Orthodoxy. Orthodoxy must be understood as a dynamic concept continually changing as a result of historical developments and hegemonic struggles with other ideologies about telling the Jew in modern society how he is to understand himself and the surrounding world.
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The Jewish Press’ Activism against the Implementation of the Oslo Accord


For JP the settlers are no longer just a group in Israel with whose case they sympathize, but have with the demonstrations against the peace process to a far larger extent gained names, titles and been connected with specific acts. Their actions, strategies, and arguments are closely followed and the paper’s backing of them and the struggle against the implementation of the peace accord is carried out in an anything but superficial manner. More often than ever we read in the paper calls to their readers to show their protest against the development in Israel by demonstrating, calling, or writing the Israeli government, making petitions, financially supporting the settlements that the government wants to cut down on and so forth.165 An example of this is the editor’s call August 11 to his readers to either call the Israeli ambassador in the USA, Itamar Rabinovich, or to send a fax to PM Rabin to demonstrate against the destruction of Israel. He tells about Riskin and Matar’s arrest and about the brutality with which the settlers were handled during the demonstration. When a large crowd had gathered in front of the prison where they were held in order to show them their support, the police attacked them with clubs and rode directly into the crowd on galloping horses so that many were seriously wounded. Therefore, he encourages: “Those who feel as we do that the Rabin government has turned into a heinous dictatorship reminiscent of a Nazi period, should call...

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