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Muslims Against the Islamic State

Arab Critics and Supporters of Ali Abdarraziq’s Islamic Laicism

Luay Radhan

The central thesis of this study is that there are religious Muslims who are against the Islamic State for Islamic reasons. Its main goal is to explain Ali Abdarraziq’s (1888–1966) Islamic Laicism and to show the arguments of some of his Arab critics and supporters. Abdarraziq’s Islamic Laicism is based on his Arabic work Islam and the Foundations of Governance: A Research of the Caliphate and Government in Islam (1925). In order to protect the people and the religion from the abuse of power by the state or the mosque, the Islamic Laicists Nasr Abu Zayd, Jamal al-Banna, Faraj Fodah, Abdullahi al-Na’im, and Turki al-Hamad want to separate the religious institutions (the mosque) from the political institutions (the state).
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I. Thanks and Linguistic Remarks


I would like to thank my supervisors, Prof. Dr. Albrecht Fuess and Prof. Dr. Udo Steinbach, for their continuing support. This PhD thesis is dedicated to my parents and my wife.

Except for generally accepted English forms of originally Arabic words, such as “Islam,” “Quran,” “Sunni,” “Shiite,” “shariah,” “caliphate,” “caliph,” “imam,” “hadith,” “Sunnah,” and “sheikh,” this PhD thesis uses the Library of Congress transliteration system for Arabic words and writes them in italics. The Arabic “wa” (“and”) stands alone except for “wa-allāhi” (“by God”). Arabic names are transliterated in the same way but written in italics only when they are part of a title or quotation. For the sake of convenience, names such as “ʿAbdarrāziq” (originally “ʿAbd” and “al-Rāziq”) are written as one word. However, names with “Ibn” (Ibn Khaldūn) or “Abū” (Abū Bakr) are written as two words. ← 1 | 2 →

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