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Linguistic Construction of Ethnic Borders

Edited By Peter Rosenberg, Konstanze Jungbluth and Dagna Zinkhahn Rhobodes

This volume focuses on the linguistic constructs involved in ethnic borders. Ethnic borders have proven themselves to be surprisingly long-lived: in nearly all European countries and beyond, border demarcation, exclusion of foreigners, and minority conflicts are some of the most persistent challenges for nations and societies. Which linguistic factors play a role in the formation of these borders, especially those drawn along ethnic lines? Which linguistic constructs contribute to the negotiation, establishment and maintenance of ethnic groups and identities? Under which conditions can processes of linguistic convergence, hybrids, or transcultural identities be observed?
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Vorwort der Herausgeber

Group boundaries and identity

Stefan Rabanus and Haykanush Barseghyan

Language Choice and Identity in Post-Soviet Armenia

Rita Vallentin

Linguistic Strategies of Constructing Durable and Permeable Ethnic Boundaries in a Brazilian Quilombo Community

Bernhard Brehmer

The Cyrillic Script as a Boundary Marker between “Insiders” and “Outsiders”: Metalinguistic Discourse about Script Choices in Slavic-German Bilingual Computer-Mediated Communication

Ethnic boundaries and minorities

Lia Melikishvili and Natia Jalabadze

Language and Ethnic Boundaries in Multiethnic Georgia

Maria Klessmann

Roma school mediation in Germany – Its Effects and Limitations

Sascha Wölck and Christina Rogers

Labeling difference – On discrimination and the social standing of children fathered by US soldiers during the Vietnam War

Harald Weydt

Linguistic borders – language conflicts. Pleading for recognition of their reality

Boundaries and language islands

Peter Rosenberg

Anything goes? The gains and losses of the constructivist view on ethnicity: Some considerations based on German „language islands“ studies.

Hans C. Boas

Linguistic splits along religious lines: The role of language maintenance among Catholics and Lutherans in Texas

Samantha Litty, Christine Evans and Joseph Salmons

Gray zones: The fluidity of Wisconsin German language and identification

Language borders and discourse

Konstanze Jungbluth

Crossing the Border, Closing the Gap: Otherness in Language Use

Dagna Zinkhahn Rhobodes

The permeability of language borders on the example of German-Polish language mixing

Helena Topa Valentim

Boundary, a metalinguistic concept at the core of language deformability ← 6 | 7 →