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Reading Iberia



Helena Buffery, Stuart Davis and Kirsty Hooper

Contents: Helena Buffery/Stuart Davis/Kirsty Hooper: Introduction – Helena Buffery: The RAT Trap?: The Politics of Translating Iberia – José Luis Bellón: Bourdieu’s Field and the Critical Minefield of the 1898 Generation – Stuart Davis: Que(e)rying Spain: On the Limits and Possibilities of Queer Theory in Hispanism – Andrew Ginger: The Modern Moment: The Dawn of Cultural Modernity in Spain – Helena López: A Memory Studies approach to post-Spanish Civil War exile: the case of Mujeres Libres – Kirsty Hooper: New Cartographies in Galician Studies: From Literary Nationalism to Postnational Readings – Carmen Ramos Villar: Anthologies and Azorean literature: the Construction of an Azorean identity – Laura Lonsdale: Feminism and Form: Reading for Ambiguity in Esther Tusquets’ El mismo mar de todos los veranos – Claire Williams: The Princess and the Critic: Debates about ‘literatura light’ in Portugal – Nerea Arruti: Beyond the Guggenheim: Location, Perspective and Field in Basque Studies – Kathryn Crameri: Reading Iberias: Teaching and Researching the ‘Other Cultures’ of Spain.