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The Hand of the Interpreter

Essays on Meaning after Theory


G. F. Mitrano and Eric Jarosinski

Contents: G. F. Mitrano: Introduction: The Sense of an Equality of Things – Anders Johansson: Touched by Style – Alan Watt: Nietzsche, Bataille, and the Contagion of Philosophy – Dawne McCance: The History of the Hand: Vesalius and Descartes – Shahidha Kazi Bari: Feeling Friendship: Reading Keats’s ‘This Living Hand’ and the Sonnets on the Elgin Marbles – Matt Brim: Teaching the Touching Text; or, How to Lay ‘Hands’ on Your Students – Andy White: The Return to Orality: Digital Texts and their Impact on Literacy – Richard E. Parent: Interpretation, Navigation, Enactment: Fragmented Narratives and the Play of Reading – Joyce Goggin: A Body Hermeneutic? Corpus Simsi or Reading Like a Sim – Jeff Shantz: Punk as ... Book Making: DIY Theory and Post-Political Politics – Monika Gehlawat: William Carlos Williams and Spring and All: Cubism as a Poetic Event – Gonzalo Tena Brun: Painting Page by Page – Aaron Ritzenberg: Touching the Body, Training the Reader: Emotional Response in Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Oliver Taylor: D. H. Lawrence’s and Virginia Woolf’s Hands – Stefania Consonni: ‘A Sculptor’s Sense of Words’: Don DeLillo’s Neo-Realism and the Three-Dimensionality of Narrative Plots.