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The Exhibit in the Text

The Museological Practices of Literature


Caroline Patey and Laura Scuriatti

Contents: Caroline Patey/Laura Scuriatti: Introduction – Béatrice Laurent: The Curiosity Cabinet: Exhibition(ism) in De Quincey’s Confessions of an English Opium-Eater – Francesca Cuojati: John Clare: The Poetics and Politics of Taxonomy – Francesca Muscau: Reconsidering George Eliot’s Museum: An Inquiry into the Artificiality of Romola – Joshua Kotzin: ‘Again in the Museum Mood’: Remembering the Museum in Henry James’s The Ambassadors – Caroline Patey: Chapters Hanging on the Wall: Henry James in the Art Gallery – Laura Scuriatti: The Collection as Autobiography, the Autobiography as Collection: Mario Praz’s House of Life – Laura Pelaschiar: Joyce the Museologist: ‘Oxen of the Sun’ as Joyce’s Museum of Language – Will Norman: Unpacking Nabokov’s Library: Historical Materialism and the Private Collection – Mariacristina Cavecchi: From Playwriting to Curatorship: An Investigation into the Status of Beckett’s Stage Objects – Elizabeth C. Denlinger: The Collector in the Collection: Kenneth Lohf’s War Poetry at Home and at the Morgan – Roberta Gefter Wondrich: Possessing Papers: The Quest for the Writer’s Relics from Henry James to A.S. Byatt – Carmen Lara-Rallo: Museums, Collection and Cabinets: ‘Shelf after Shelf after Shelf’ – Mariadele Boccardi: Exploding Taxonomy, Exhibiting Textuality: J.G. Farrell’s The Siege of Krishnapur.