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Phenomenology, Modernism and Beyond


Carole Bourne-Taylor and Ariane Mildenberg

Contents: Kevin Hart: Preface – Carole Bourne-Taylor/Ariane Mildenberg: Introduction: Phenomenology, Modernism and Beyond – Ariane Mildenberg: Openings: Epoché as Aesthetic Tool in Modernist Texts – H.W. Fawkner: Self-Evidencing Life: Paradoxes of Reduction in Modernism, Phenomenology and Christianity – Raymond Monelle: Proust, Merleau-Ponty, Deleuze and a Musical Phrase – Hanna Meretoja: Against Pre-Established Meanings: Revisiting Robbe-Grillet’s Relation to Phenomenology – Eoghan Walls: A Flaw in the Science of Transcendence: Hopkins and Husserl on ‘Thisness’ – Matt Ffytche: ‘The Arduous Path of Appearance’: Phenomenology and its Uncertainties in the Work of George Oppen – Filip Mattens: On the Origin of Space – Minna Niemi/Justin Parks: Home, Homelessness and the Wayward Subject in the Novels of James Joyce and Claude McKay – Martin Leer: ‘I Already Live in the Landscape’: Phenomenology and Modernist Landscapes – Jean-Jacques Wünenburger: The Paradoxical Ontology of Image – Michel Collot: Phenomenology and Literary Experience – Carole Bourne-Taylor: Figures of Immanence/Imminence: ‘Enigma Variations’ in Michel Deguy’s Work.