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Sociology and Education

Issues in Sociology of Education

Nathalie Bulle

Contents: The psychogenesis of cognitive development – The sociogenesis of cognitive development – Cognitive development and formal education – Theories of knowledge and educational principles – Karl Marx – Émile Durkheim – George H. Mead – Talcott Parsons – Alfred Schütz – Raymond Boudon – Structuralism and education: The axiological / motivational level - The logical / cognitive level - The symbolic / expressive level – Action and interaction in sociology of education: The axiological / motivational level - The cognitive / logical level - The symbolic / expressive level – Karl Marx and the school of labor – Naturalism, social utopia and education in the work of Herbert Spencer – Lester F. Ward and democracy through universalization of knowledge – John Dewey and education for democracy – The «problems of democratization of culture» according to Karl Mannheim – Pragmatism, sociology and knowledge: Durkheim’s criticism – Functional approaches – Conflict theories – Interactionist approaches – Educational systems and occupational systems – Impact of social variables on academic achievement – Impact of institutional variables on academic achievement.