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Reworking Vocational Education

Policies, Practices and Concepts


Anja Heikkinen and Katrin Kraus

Contents: Katrin Kraus/Anja Heikkinen: Reworking Vocational Education: Policies, Practices and Concepts - Introduction – Richard D. Lakes: Accountability, Performance Standards and Achievement Outcomes: Characteristics of a New Educational Order in the USA – Manfred Wahle: Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training for German Kindergarten Teachers: Contradictions between Premises and Pretensions – Philipp Gonon: The Internationalization of Vocational Education Reform-Concepts: A Rhetorical Perspective – Peter Kell/Gillian Vogl: Global Immigration, the Labour Market, and Vocational Education and Training in Australia – Matthias Vonken: Past it? The Situation of Older Employees – Françoise F. Laot: Focusing on the Idea of Permanent Education in France in the 1960s and its Progressive Decline – Katrin Kraus/Matthias Vonken: «Being Employable and Competent». Investigating the New Imperative from a Comparative Perspective – Antoni Lindgren: Soft Capitalism and Soft Pedagogy – Anja Heikkinen: Converging Gender in Education and Work? – Katrin Kraus: Re-Theorising (L)earning. The «Earning Schema» as an Area-Specific Model and Situated Concept.