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Intercultural Business Communication and Simulation and Gaming Methodology


Victoria Guillén Nieto, Carmen Marimón-Llorca and Chelo Vargas-Sierra

Contents: Victoria Guillén-Nieto/Carmen Marimón-Llorca/Chelo Vargas-Sierra: Preface – Victoria Guillén-Nieto: Crossing Disciplines in Intercultural Communication Research – Victoria Escandell-Vidal: Social Cognition and Intercultural Communication – José Mateo/Francisco Yus: Business Language from a Cognitive Perspective – Annette Grindsted: Intercultural Negotiations: Theories Revisited – Paula Ronkainen: Multi-cultural Meetings – Miguel Ángel Campos-Pardillos/Isabel Balteiro-Fernández: Building Bridges…and Properties Aplenty: Cultural Problems in Spanish Marketing for Real Estate Prospective British Buyers – Miguel Ángel García-Yeste: The Language of Graphic Advertising in Spain: Bridging the Cultural Gap – Francisco Javier Díaz-Pérez: Perspective Selection and Politeness in the Production of Face-Threatening Acts in English and Spanish – Mª Antonia Martínez Linares: From Hiding the Speaker to Persuasion: se-Passive and se-Impersonal Constructions – Carmen Marimón-Llorca: Cultural Models and Social Discourses in Business: the Case of - Ideological - Politeness Strategies in Service Encounters – Amparo García-Carbonell/Frances Watts: Simulation and Gaming Methodology in Language Acquisition – Beverly Rising: Business Simulations as a Vehicle for Language Acquisition – Gert Jan Hofstede/Paul B. Pedersen/Geert Hofstede: The Synthetic Cultures Model as a Simulation and Gaming Methodology for Intercultural Sensitization and Training in Business Settings.