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The Role of Prosody in Affective Speech


Sylvie Hancil

Contents: Sylvie Hancil: Introduction – John J. Ohala: The Ethological Basis of Certain Signals of Affect and Emotion – Takaaki Shochi/Albert Rilliard/Véronique Aubergé/Donna Erickson: Intercultural Perception of English, French and Japanese Social Affective Prosody – Sophie de Abreu/Catherine Mathon/Alessandra Mosca: Prosodic Cues of Anger in French: a Comparative Study with two Other Romance Languages, Italian and Portuguese – Geneviève Caelen-Haumont: Emotion, Emotions and Prosodic Structure: an Analysis of the Melisms Patterns and Statistical Results in the Spontaneous Discourse of Four Female Speakers over Four Generations – Brigitte Zellner-Keller: Aging, Interactions, and Affects: Motivations and Methodological Issues – Erik Everhart/Amy J. Shipley/Heath A. Demaree: Perception of Emotional Prosody: Establishing a Link between Sex-Related Differences, Brain Development and Sex Hormones – Annett Schirmer/Qingyang Li: Electrophysiological Correlates of Vocal Emotional Processing in Male and Female Listeners – Roddy Cowie/Ellen Douglas-Cowie: Prosodic and Related Features that Signify Emotional Colouring in Conversational Speech – Petri Laukka/Nicolas Audibert/Véronique Aubergé: Exploring the Graded Structure of Vocal Emotion Expressions – Grégory Beller: Transformation of Expressivity in Speech – Björn Schuller/Martin Wöllmer/Florian Eyben/Gerhard Rigoll: Prosodic, Spectral or Voice Quality? Feature Type Relevance for the Discrimination of Emotion Pairs – Carlos Busso/Murtaza Bulut/Sungbok Lee/Shrikanth Narayanan: Fundamental Frequency Analysis for Speech Emotion Processing – Olivier Piot: Using Klatt Synthesis to Study the Expression of Affects by Prosody – Ioulia Grichkovtsova/Michel Morel/Anne Lacheret: Perception of Affective Prosody in Natural and Synthesized Speech: which Methodological Approach?